Steps in the Hiring Process

Once we begin processing applications for open positions, steps 2-9 may take approximately 6-8 weeks.

STEP 1: Application:

The individual submits an application and is contacted via letter to confirm receipt of such.

STEP 2: Pre-Interview Screening of Applicants:

The application is reviewed by Command Staff personnel. Recommendations are made to the Chief of Police, who culls unacceptable applications based on bona fide occupational qualifications.

STEP 3: Pre-Employment Physical Fitness Test

Applicants are notified to attend pre-employment physical fitness testing in accordance with established Department requirements. Applicants who fail to meet the established minimum physical fitness requirements are eliminated from the selection process.

STEP 4: Formal Selection Board:

Applicants are notified to attend an initial interview before a board of five personnel. Interview questions are predetermined and approved by the Chief of Police. Recommendations are formulated and forwarded to the Chief of Police.

STEP 5: Background Investigation and Interview:

Upon successful completion of Step 4, a background investigation/interview is conducted by the Department for all remaining applicants. Recommendations are formulated and forwarded to the Chief of Police.

STEP 6: Secondary Interview:

Applicants are interviewed by the Chief and Assistant Chief of Police.

STEP 7: Final Interview:

The final interview shall be conducted by the Chief of Police and the Town Administrator. A conditional offer of employment may be made by the Chief of Police pending the applicant's successful completion of a drug test and physical examination. Any employment offer made at this point in the process may be rescinded if the applicant does not successfully pass the drug test or physical examination.

STEP 8: Psychological Test and Polygraph Test:

Applicants who successfully complete the Background Investigation / Interview are required to take the psychological test and polygraph test. Results are reviewed by the Chief of Police and remaining applicants are scheduled for the final interview.

STEP 9: Drug Test and Physical Exam:

Upon successful completion of both the drug test and physical exam, the applicant may be hired at the discretion of the Chief of Police.