Residential Subdivisions

Providing service for two or more single-family dwellings is considered a development and shall be engineered and submitted to the Town for review.

The Town operates on a 300GPD per single-family dwelling unit calculation.

Approvals are void after six months of inactivity.

Engineer's Submittal Process

Engineer's submittal shall include, as necessary:
  • The overall site plan on one sheet in PDF or compatible format by email.
  • Two sets of construction plans including, as necessary plans, profiles, and details of water and/or sewer.
  • Appropriate hydraulic calculations.
  • We are delegated review for sewer, so a complete SCDHEC submittal package. Follow section XII B submittal package for sewer. Also include a check for $200 made out to Hill Engineering.
  • A copy of prepared SCDHEC water application (same form as above).
  • A copy of prepared SCDHEC water application (same form as above).
  • An 8½ by 11-inch location map zoomed into the site with TMS number.
  • SCDOT and/or Lexington County Encroachment Permit application(s) need to be filled out with the Town of Lexington as applicant and submitted here for signature.
  • Within Town limits or Contiguous will also require approvals through the Planning, Building, and Technology Department. (Send questions regarding annexation by email.)
  • A set of complete plans and calculations for streets and storm drainage, which will be reviewed here then submitted to Lexington County for review and inspection to which they will impose their fees.

Lexington County is delegated review for SCDHEC for land disturbance permitting.

No construction may begin until after their approval and our consent.

Please Note

Sewer CCFs are due before construction permits can be applied for; the developer is required to enter into a Sanitary Sewer Service Agreement (SSSA). Water is charged as needed after permitting.

Generator fees may also apply.