Completed Transportation Projects

Adaptive Signal Phase I, II, III

Conventional signal systems use pre-programmed, daily signal timing schedules. Adaptive signal control technology adjusts the timing of red, yellow, and green lights to accommodate changing traffic patterns and ease traffic congestion. It works by collecting current demand information, evaluating performance using system-specific algorithms, and then implementing modifications based on the outcome of that evaluation in real time. For more information, click here.

Ginny Lane Intersection Improvements

The Ginny Lane Intersection improvements project was completed in 2020 and funded through Hospitality Tax. The improvements included widening Ginny Lane, installing new sidewalks, curb, gutter, signal modifications, and restriping. Results have increased travel time through the corridor and improved safety for pedestrians. 

Harmon St. Extension (North Lake Corridor Phase II)

The Harmon Street Extension project was completed in early 2023 and funded through Hospitality Tax. These improvements provide a full realignment and a new traffic-signalized intersection along North Lake Drive. The intended goal of this project is to improve traffic efficiency at US-378 and SC-6 intersection by removing a minor street, Dreher Street, from the intersection. While this adds a new traffic signal along the North Lake corridor, efficiencies will be seen by increasing the green light time available for the major roadways. For more information, click here.

I-20 Ramp Safety Improvements

The I-20 Ramp Safety Improvements project was completed in 2019 and funded by Hospitality Tax. The project included upgrades to the overhead ramp signage, signal modifications, and restriping of the westbound ramp, creating a signalized right-turn westbound onto 378.

One Way Pair

Completed in September 2018, the One Way Pair project aimed to improve downtown traffic flow by converting parallel streets into a one-way pair system. How has the project improved traffic? By mitigating the travel time on Main Street by 18% and 30% on Lake and Church Streets.