August 2020

Town Council has been working hard to help our residents and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've enacted multiple emergency ordinances and created a business loan program to assist during these times. 

The most recent emergency ordinance requires a face covering in all grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores and other retail establishments within Town limits. These businesses must also display a notice of this requirement. It also encourages the wearing of a face covering when social distancing is not possible. It is set to be in place until the end of August, unless removed or extended by Council. 

The Utility Rebate program aimed at investing $250,000 into our local economy was also extended and expanded through this ordinance. Now, anyone who has water and/or sewer service through the Town is eligible to send in receipts from in-town businesses to receive a maximum $25 dollar-for-dollar rebate on their current month's bill (one rebate per month while funds remain available). 

The Town has also entered into a partnership with First Reliance Bank for a $1 million dollar loan program to aid in-town businesses impacted during the pandemic. The program allows qualifying businesses to apply for a loan of up to $20,000, with the loan term of up to 4-years and a 2% interest rate.* We appreciate First Reliance working with us to make this program a reality and truly value the great relationship we have with them. 

We know our businesses and residents have been impacted during this time and Town Council has been working to help out in every way possible. Town Council hopes these actions provide short-term and long-term relief for the business community and residents alike. 

*The Town of Lexington treats all loan applicants the same and does not discriminate on the basis of: race; religion; national origin; sex or gender; age (provided the applicant has the capacity to contract); the applicant's receipt of income derived from any public assistance program; and the applicant's exercise, in good faith, of any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.