August 2016

In an effort to improve traffic flow throughout downtown, the Town of Lexington is in the process of converting SC 6 (North/South Lake Drive) and North/South Church Street into one-way street operation and upgrading the intersection of East Main Street (US 1) at Harmon Street and Martel Drive. The project will include: intersection alterations at South Lake and Maiden Lane, Church Street and Maiden Lane, and North Lake at Church Street and remarking and signing of the entire one-way pair roadway network. 

An evaluation of existing traffic patterns and roadway configurations in the area, reveal that these proposed changes and upgrades would greatly enhance the mobility in the downtown area while preserving the existing streetscape and pedestrian friendly area of the 100 block of Main Street. 

Currently the average daily traffic on Main Street (US 1) is approximately 17,000 vehicles per day and on South Lake Drive (SC 6) is 12,500 vehicles per day and along Church Street is 3,500 vehicles per day. By pairing the South Lake and Church Street corridors, the capacity of this direction is doubled. The additional capacity allows significant increase in the amount of green signal time that is allotted to the Main Street direction (40%). Furthermore, the left turn signal phase would be eliminated from South Lake Drive onto Main further increasing the green time available. Finally, the left turn prohibitions in the downtown area would be eliminated. 

The project will also see improvements to sidewalks and drainage along with adaptive signalization and pedestrian safety enhancements. 

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