February 2015

As I enter my second year as Mayor, I am so excited to see the growth the Town has accomplished in the past year and am energized to see more projects come to fruition in 2015. 

This year our project list includes the construction of the town amphitheater, located at the corner of E. Main St. and S. Church St., which is part of Project Ice House. This public space will provide another amazing venue to hosts events and be a key component in showcasing the arts to the community. 

The Town will also launch Phase I of the Adaptive Computerized Signalization System, which will include 19 of the 35 traffic signal locations. The system will work to create a greenlight "tunnel" to improve traffic flow throughout town. Additionally, we look forward to seeing several more benefits including reduced travel time and fuel consumption. 

You can learn more about our Adaptive Computerized Signalization System - Phase I and our Vision Plan at our website. 

Finally, with the Town's investment in the 25 MGD (million gallons/day) state-of-the-art joint treatment facility, we look forward to ceasing operations at our Coventry Woods Wastewater Treatment Facility. The goal for the construction of the facility was to eliminate the smaller facilities within the service area, allowing wastewater to be treated at a central location. The closing of Coventry Woods will make this goal a reality. 

Join me on Monday, March 2, 2015 at 6:30pm at our Council Meeting as I deliver my State of the Town Address as we acknowledge all of our major accomplishments in 2014 and present our goals for this year. You may also watch the Address live on our TWC station or watch "Channel 2 Live" through our website.