January 2014

Please allow me to begin by saying that I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. It is hard to believe we are in 2014 and I must say the Town of Lexington was fortunate to have a very productive 2013. Credit is due to our wonderful town staff, who by the way, makes my and Council's job seamless. As I stated before, we have the best staff in government and they take pride in ensuring that you have the best quality of life possible. 

Our Police Department leads the charge, as they work tirelessly to protect and serve. In 2013, Chief Green honored four officers for their actions during a fire that occurred at Chimney Ridge Apartments. Ptl. Earl Alewine received the Medal of Valor, the highest honor ever bestowed by the department, and Cpl. Earron Sturges, Ptl. Robert Besenyi and Ptl. Dustin Currier received the Chief's Letter of Commendation. The department also helped lead a three-year investigation (Operation Angel Bane), which resulted with 27 members of the Hells Angels being arrested. These arrests led to 109 Count of Federal Indictments resulting in conviction for a total of 140 years prison time and 77 months' probation. An AMAZING effort by our department to help bring justice to such a high profile case. 

The Police Department spent 2013 increasing direct patrols. This project focused on theft in commercial areas and apartment complexes. Our stepped-up presence, resulted in a 58% decrease in theft from vehicles and a 37% decrease in stolen vehicles. 

On top off all these projects, the department also coordinated and hosted FALL-FEST, an annual carnival event that attracts thousands of residents each year. The event featured 28 vendors, including games, rides, a Halloween costume contest and hot dogs cooked by our Police Chief. The 2013 festival raised $5,891 to benefit a very worthy cause, the department's Adopt-A-Cop Program. 

The Town of Lexington is honored to have such dedicated men and women serving in our Police Department. Next time you are out running errands and see an officer, if you have time, please take a moment to thank them for all that they do to help make our community safe. 

My best wishes to everyone and I hope that you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!