May 2013

As our town and community continue to grow, so does the need to expand and upgrade our infrastructure system. We currently serve more than 13,000 customers through our water and sewer utilities and strive to provide the best service possible.

In order to meet these needs, the town is constructing a new pump station on Hwy. 378 capable of pumping 2,800 gallons per minute or 4 million gallons per day. The station will serve the western portion of our system, which reaches into Saluda County and includes the Shore Road area, Beach Creek, Beachwoods, Heritage Farms, Kelsey Glenn, Hammock Bay, Turner's Point, and Rocky Meadows. The new pump station will be equipped with a backup generator for emergencies and a brick facade to provide a pleasing aesthetic within the community. The project should be complete and operable next month.

Another major project is the Town's Phase I of the Unified Traffic Plan. We have worked with SCDOT to complete the relocation of water and sewer lines for the intersection improvements on Columbia Ave. Our Utilities Department continues to work with SCDOT contractors throughout their night construction to ensure there is minimal interruptions in water or sewer service. Phase I is expected to be completed in Spring 2014. After decades of inaction and inept political will on our town's traffic congestion, we are finally seeing the results of our hard and persistent work.

As you can see the Town of Lexington is flourishing and addressing our growth proactively by continuing to expand and upgrade our infrastructure. Our goal is to serve you, our residents and businesses as you are our customers.

To learn more about our Utilities Department, visit our website. To report any odors, concerns or potential sewer issues, please contact (803) 359-2434.