July 2013

Each July, the Town of Lexington starts anew as we enter a new Fiscal Budget. The 2013/2014 FY will be an exciting time dedicated to the completion of several Vision Plan Projects. More importantly, we are able to provide quality of life initiatives such as Lexington Paw Park, the I-20/Sunset Blvd. Beautification Interchange and the Adaptive Computerized Signalization System without raising taxes. Yes, you read that correctly; for 20 plus years, Town of Lexington can and has continued to provide outstanding services with NO additional taxes.

Town Council and I applaud our wonderful town staff, from top to bottom, for working diligently to ensure we can carry on this remarkable tradition. There are few municipalities throughout the country as fortunate as us in having a strong financial position today and forecasted into the future.

The Town of Lexington is always striving to follow our motto "Building Partnerships". This is evident in the projects from the VisionLexington Plan. We have been fortunate to work with SCDOT, Lexington County, Lexington County Law Enforcement Officers' Association, Lexington Beautification Foundation, Lexington County Bar Association and the Dennis Corporation. These relationships have provided donations and grants, critical resources needed in maintaining a fiscally conservative, sound budget. The Town of Lexington's superior quality of life is a direct result of what can be achieved through public/private partnerships.

I truly believe that our commitment to public safety, the bedrock for quality of life and our business friendly atmosphere, is what continues to make Lexington grow by leaps and bounds. This month we welcome the newest business to the Town of Lexington, Avtec, Inc. They are a great example of a locally grown business now with a global impact. Avtec brings with them a history of esteemed service to their customers from the airline, railway, utilities and government sectors. Avtec's new state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing location opens the door for the remaining 35 acres to become a technology based park, creating a full-fledged high tech corridor within the Town of Lexington. Corporations, such as Avtec, rarely locate in municipalities and for them to so is just another testament to the confidence the private sector has in our town. Thank you Michael and welcome to Lexington!