October 2013

Over the past nine years as your Mayor, I have addressed citizens' questions on many issues regarding the town and educating the public of the differences between government agencies and their respective responsibilities. I would like to share some of those common "misconceptions" so that you may become better informed on the Town's responsibilities, limitations and parameters to governance.

Did you know that many of the roads that run through the Town of Lexington are overseen by SCDOT? Major corridors like Sunset Blvd. (SC 378), Augusta Rd./ Main St. (US 1) and N./S. Lake Dr. (SC 6) fall under the programming and responsibility of SCDOT and the Federal Highway Administration whereas the Town is responsible for a majority of the neighborhood roads. We are presently working diligently on in-town road repairs and just began work on those roads that earned failing grades. You can see a listing of the projects and timelines under the "Traffic Projects" link on our website.

A major factor for roads is speed limits, a task that is also overseen by SCDOT. The new speed limit on Sunset Blvd. was reduced to conform with the adjacent limits on the road along with providing safety for the additional influx of traffic seen by the new schools along the Corley Mill Rd./Ginny Ln. corridor. SCDOT will continue to make improvements in the area, with the addition of a traffic circle which will help mitigate traffic on Corley Mill Rd. as it enters Sunset Blvd. We will provide you with any updated information throughout the project.

In order to keep our citizens safe and obeying the posted speed limits, our Police Department's Traffic Safety Division is responsible for issuing speeding citations to those not in compliance. Many think we issue citations for income. That is not the case! More than 70% of every ticket goes back to the State of South Carolina and divided out to public safety programs such as the criminal justice academy, victim assistance and DUI assessment. The number one goal of our police department is to provide safety, so please drive safe and follow the law.

Many new structures are going up throughout the community, to include a couple of large billboard structures. Please note that these fall within unincorporated parcels, called "enclaves" or "doughnut holes" and are located on property NOT inside town limits. The Town of Lexington has one of the strictest sign and appearance ordinances in the state and prohibit these signs but since they do not fall under our jurisdiction we have NO control on their existence.

I hope you can see the Town is limited in its ability to affect certain outcomes that are not under our control. For those things we do have responsibilities for, we are proud of our achievements and through our Vision Plan will continue to accomplish our goals.

On a final note, fall is certainly an exciting time to be a part of the Town of Lexington. We hope that you will join us this month as we present Fall Fest, Big Thursday and our newest venture Rocktoberfest!

Hope you have a great fall season!