In-Town Commercial

  • You will need to complete the business licensing process and a service application at Town Hall.
  • The business licensing process is covered in more detail on the Business Licensing page.
  • In general, you will at minimum need to get approvals from our Building and Zoning and Utilities Departments.
  • As with residential service, no deposit is required for commercial customers; however, you will be charged a non-refundable $25 application fee on your first monthly billing.

Important Note

  • All commercial applicants should be aware that your anticipated water and sewer usage will be evaluated to determine the appropriate amount of Capital Contribution Fees to be charged before service will be provided.
  • Most commercial services to existing locations will not require additional fees, but each applicant must be evaluated by our Utilities Department.
  • For more information contact Utilities at 803-951-4646.