Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is presently made up of 26 officers and supervised by Division Commander Lieutenant Rick Hazewinkel.

There are four shifts led by a Sergeant. Each Sergeant strives to ensure proper patrol coverage by assigning their officers to specified districts within the Town of Lexington.

Uniformed Patrol Officers

Public safety starts with providing order through the presence of uniformed police officers. Therefore the most visible function of the Lexington Police Department is the uniformed patrol officer. The role of these officers are varied to include detecting and deterring crime; responding to calls for service; and interacting with the community in a manner consistent with our community policing perspective.

Due to the visibility of the patrol officers, public perception of the Lexington Police Department as a whole rests largely with these officers. The dramatic growth in Town of Lexington has impacted the Patrol Division in many ways and we are constantly trying to adapt in order that these officers continue to respond in a timely and effective manner.