Business Licensing

The Office of Business Licensing is responsible for administering the business license ordinance. Any business that plans to operate in the Town of Lexington must obtain a business license prior to opening or conducting business within the Town.


Different categories of businesses have different steps to follow; please see which category your proposed business fits into and then follow the associated steps to obtain a business license.


Here are the forms needed to start your business in the Town of Lexington.

Business License Calculator

Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession or maintaining an office(s) within the Town of Lexington limits is required to pay a business license tax and obtain a business license. For more information regarding business licenses in the Town of Lexington.


Access information regarding business license rates.

New Business List

New Businesses recently opened in the Town. 

Local Business License Renewal Center

This online portal is only for renewing existing municipal or county business licenses within South Carolina.