Business Licensing

Job Responsibilities

  • To administer the business license ordinance which includes the following: mailing annual renewals to existing businesses, issuing licenses to new businesses being established or annexed into the Town, reviewing applications for accuracy, answering questions and assisting customer service as well as customers with all aspects of business licensing.
  • To perform yearly audits of tax records and/or reports to ensure businesses are reporting their information correctly. To conduct field audits in order to verify that all businesses have a business license and those businesses with no physical location in town, who may be working inside our town limits, obtain the necessary licenses and/or permits.
  • To verify county tax records for accuracy to ensure the Town of Lexington is collecting all revenue due to them for personal property and real property taxes.
  • To respond to all freedom of information requests as well as generate monthly reports for licensing and to complete grant reconciliations and other duties as assigned.

New Businesses

Any business that plans to do business in the Town of Lexington must obtain a business license prior to opening or conducting business within the Town.

If you are planning a new business in the Town of Lexington, please read our New Business Guide (PDF).

If you wish to view a list of businesses that recently opened in the Town of Lexington, please view our New Business List.