We Can

  • Explain and answer questions about how the court works
  • Provide background checks on you with a valid picture ID or on someone else with a currently dated and signed release
  • Take your proof of insurance, new registration or other correctable ticket as designated by the Officer before the day of court (Please note: we will not accept any proof on the day of court - you will need to appear for your scheduled court time)
  • Provide the telephone numbers of the SC Bar Lawyer Referral Service or Ask-A-Lawyer, SC Legal Services Legal Aid Telephone Intake Service (LATIS), and other services where you may be able to get legal information
  • Give general information about where to find court procedures, deadlines, rules, and practices
  • Provide court schedules and information about how to get a case scheduled
  • Provide basic information about your own case file
  • Provide approved/authorized court forms and available instructions

We Cannot

  • Tell you whether or not you should bring your case to court
  • Tell you what to say in your court papers (However, we can check your papers for completeness as in signatures, proper notarization, correct county name and case number, and verify any attachments)
  • Give you an opinion about what will happen if you bring your case to court
  • Talk to the judge for you
  • Let you talk to the judge outside of court
  • Change an order signed by a judge